Director of PT GEB Tjandra Limanjaya bin Yohanes Limanjaya, a businessman of genuine success Indonesia

Who is not familiar with Tjandra Limanjaya bin Yohanes Limanjaya? Indonesia’s original successful businessman who helped Indonesia a lot in job creation.

Tjandra Limanjaya bin Yohanes Limanjaya is a businessman A successful one that has a lot of effort in various fields. Husband of Irnawati The Sutanto has many companies and became the director of PT General Energy Bali (GEB). 

Entrepreneur born in Jakarta, 17 July 1958 it became known publicly Because it has a lot of investment in business and tourism world. And now, the business Has penetrated the international scene.

As a patent inventor and father of Lukas Limanjaya, Tjandra has participated in helping the country in job creation. For him, the job field in Indonesia is supposed to be created continuously, meaning there must always be something new.

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