Who is Tjandra Limanjaya? Indonesian businessman who cooperates with Chinese investors

Tjandra Limanjaya is an entrepreneur. Always move in existing inventory in various places. Play also on patent. But here’s a review about him. Who he really is, understand the following data

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  2. Investing in the Nusa Tenggara region?
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He plans on investing in East Nusa Tenggara in the tourism sector. The investment will work with Chinese investors for development in NTT. This is discussed in the investment Forum with the Consulate General of DOMESTIC workers in Denpasar, NTT provincial government, as well as the Department of Investment and PRSP Pemprov NTT.

The investment Forum was held at Hotel Aston Kupang and he and other investors were presented with the opportunity to see the investment opportunities that exist such as industrial area Bolok, Pulau Kera, and Imerial World. There are about 50 entrepreneurs

who is the businessman of tjandra?

Who is Tjandra Limanjaya

One of the Indonesian entrepreneurs who often invest in the tourism sector. These investments in the field of hospitality or supporting infrastructure in the tourism area. Previously Tjandra Limanjaya also cooperates with German entrepreneurs to build hospitals with international standards.

The hospital was built near the tourist attraction in Bali. The reason is that the tourists especially foreign tourists get good health services while in Bali. It also holds the Bali’s flagship hospital for maximum service.

Related to investing in East Nusa Tenggara many can be dug. Existing natural potential will be able to attract many tourists. Especially if infrastructure development has been adequate.

It is also disclosed by NTT provincial government that the investment cooperation between local entrepreneurs is expected to be very good and hopefully other local entrepreneurs can do the same for the development of East Nusa Tenggara.

Tjandra Limanjaya has a wife named irnawati sutanto. She is also a good businessman and housewife.

Tjandra Limanjaya incorporated with Chinese businessman Association

Indonesian Association of Chinese entrepreneurs such as Handojo Santoso, Martua Sitorus, and Cilandra Fangiono also often cooperate with Chinese investors. Investments are carried out in several sectors such as mining, fisheries, marine, agricultural perkebunanm, and the services sector.

As some time ago, the Chinese businessman Mrs. Chen Haijun invested in the sea water pearl cultivation sector. According to the pearl cultivation has a very large opportunity. It is also revealed that natural conditions are still natural and the potential in them becomes a great investment opportunity.

Tjandra Limanjaya as a local businessman also appreciated the parties that supported the cooperation between local entrepreneurs and Chinese entrepreneurs. Especially the local government that has provided good service, such as licensing and so on.

It has a high working ethic and a hard worker. Some foreign colleagues also labeled him and seen ethos in cooperation. He was a man who always worked hard.

Entrepreneurs are people who work in business or trade, especially at the executive level or someone who has special skills in the financial field.

As an entrepreneur who continues to innovate and make a change he has many assets and many people who have collaborated with him. Having a lot of effort is not an easy thing. Should think of management. Obviously this is a very core job, it is very difficult to run and it is very difficult to become a rope.

Hooking between businesses with each other. There are many people who have expertise and being like that person is very difficult. Be an entrepreneur who has a good performance and has a clear vision of the mission.

A good and passionate businessman with his work ethic, he has many investments in the eastern region. He has many investments in the eastern region. Celukan Bawang became a place that was also glance by him. Think of a great thing with what’s available in the region there. The area of Celukan Bawang is one that can be seen potentially.

Tjandra Limanjaya Profile

Tjandra Limanjay’s profile is often searched. Many profiles of Tjandra Limanjaya are not correct. Then who is it really? It has been explained in the above points. There are many points explaining who he is. His profile is very unclear, it’s just that a Limanjaya a tjandra would not lie. He is a successful entrepreneur.

It is clear that this is a debatable one. That Tjandra Limanjay’s profile is on this page. A page that will explain who Tjandra Limanjaya is. With all this, it’s clear that this is one that can be used as a guidelines. There are a lot of people who can make big news stories of big media. This of course needs to be clarified again. Ensure directly concerned.

How to become a successful entrepreneur?
Business is entrepreneurship, which is run by you. To run a business, you must have an attitude to win. Life is not a bed decorated with roses, but, the business world is even worse because it is full of thorns. Problems in the business world are often unpredictable.

Who exactly is Tjandra Limanjaya?

There are many people who have the name Tjandra Limanjaya. One of them is an investment entrepreneur. A person who is active in the investment world and can enter the patents. Of course there are many other Tjandra Limanjaya. In This world there are many similar names. A man became an investment entrepreneur in the eastern region. There are also other entrepreneurs. Of course being a man with good thing. There are many names and profiles of Tjandra Limanjaya in circulation. But Few is true.