Putusan MA Final, case Bank guarantee completed

The MA verdict marks the end of the case of the Bank guarantee that has defame Tjandra Limanjaya, a successful businessman and investor from Indonesia. So how to sit?

MA decision out, Tjandra Limanjaya No Guilty

Case Bank Guarantee started appearing when Tjandra Limanjaya will do the development of power plants in Bali (year 2007). Cases involving his wife Irnawati Sutanto, Morgan Stanley, and Omega Consultan & Management.

But not many media know if Tjandra Limanjaya and Irnawati Sutanto is a victim of an Omega Consultant & Management-who claimed to be able to issue a Bank guarantee.

Omega Consultant & Management admitted ready The Bank guarantee as an additional guarantee for the project funding The electric Pambangkit by Tjandra Limanjaya for a period of time as Given Morgan Stanley.

The Perkaranya is Omega Consultant & Management conducts issuance of Bank guarantee without involving PT General Energy Bali (Abdul Djalil), Tjandra Limanjaya, and Irnawati Sutanto.

The case then goes into Court, by bringing Nicholas Koen and Tony P. Ridwan to the green table and Convicted of criminal offence making a false Bank guarantee and Fraud.

On the other party, Morgan Stanley Bank International Ltd. Reported Tjandra Limanjaya and Irnawati Sutanto to Bareskrim police. The case of the false Bank guarantee enters into court Negeri Jakarta Sentra.

However, the case leads to a court ruling Who stated that Tjandra Limanjaya and Irnawati Sutanto were innocent. They are decided to be free from suspected criminal acts counterfeiting Bank guarantees and fraud and money laundering applications.

The court’s decision was issued By Decree No. 1616/Pid. B/2011/PN.Jkt.Pst., which was later strengthened by The verdict to review the Supreme Court No 96/PK/PID/2015. 

The decision of the MA, then cancelled the Supreme Court decree No: 454 K/PID/2013, dated November 24, 2014 where to cancel the decision of Central Jakarta District Court No: 1616/Pid. B/2011/PN. JKT. PTS, dated 16 August 2012.

Putusan MA involving Tjandra Limanjaya was completed, thus convincing if he did not commit a criminal offence. With the decision of MA, the case of Tjandra Limanjaya and Irnawati Sutanto was completed.