Profile of Tjandra Limanjaya

Profile of Tjandra Limanjaya investment entrepreneur

Tjandra Limanjaya’s profile is a businessman and investor who has been in the business world for so long. He is also known as a father who is responsible for his family.

Director of PT GEB Tjandra Limanjaya bin Yohanes Limanjaya is one of the successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

Tjandra Limanjaya is the husband of Irnawati Sutanto, known as a businessman with careful planning going forward. Surely being a Tjandra Limanjaya is not an easy matter.

Tjandra Limanjaya and Family?

In addition to business, Tjandra must also think about the family in the future, with a business that continues to run. There are many businesses that he does and they are one of the most amazing businesses.

The Limanjaya family itself is known as a closed family. Many people ask about this too. But this seems like just a strategy to compete in the business world.

The business world is a cruel world. Black and white certainly blend. But it seems to him that this is a problem that does not need to be raised. This is a problem that is usually found by a businessman like him.


Many businesses that Tjandra Limanjaya SH created, including the matter of patents that have been recognized worldwide. This can be known through Google Patent which lists some of his products.

In 2001, Tjandra had patented the method of making the middle bottle neck. The patent is related to the making of P.E.T. bottles with an off-center neck system. The result is a finished bottle that has a neck in the middle.

Then in 2002, Tjandra SH re-patented the method of making bottles by off-center. The method of making the bottle produces a bottle that has a neck in the middle.

Is Entrepreneur Tjandra Limanjaya a successful entrepreneur?

Many people search and ask, who is Tjandra Limanjaya? Then, many thought that he was a foreign businessman. NOT! He is a successful businessman in Indonesia.

Tjandra Limanjaya SH is one of the big people in Indonesia, he has created many businesses. One of the businesses is in the Celukan Bawang area. He contributed a lot to the Celukan Bawang community because there were many jobs there.

In connection with the efforts made by Tjandra, it has never been separated from the hard work that has been strived for a long time. To help search the internet about facts, biodata, and Tjandra Limanjaya’s business, through this article, we will explain valid news according to facts.

The investment world for Tjandra Limanjaya SH is also one of the businesses that she does. In this business he is always clear, in his vision and mission. Not only wealth but also he has many missions to help the State in terms of creating jobs. Jobs in Indonesia must be created continuously, meaning that there must always be something new.

This condition is found because there are many levels of population growth which requires the country to create new jobs. For now, Tjandra focuses on investment and patents. It could be that this is one of the strong businesses he does.


PT GEB Director Tjandra Limanjaya is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia whose name must be considered. He and his wife Irnawati Sutanto are known as an investor, investment entrepreneur and also serves as a director in a large company.

PT GEB Director Tjandra Limanjaya bin Yohanes Limanjaya is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Related to the business carried out by PT GEB Director Tjandra bin Yohanes Limanjaya and various fields that made it skyrocketed, this is inseparable from the hard work done for a long time.

In addition to the patent holder, he also serves as a director in a well-known company. Although previously through a patent he was first known to the public.

He is known to be a businessman for a long time. As one of Indonesia’s most successful entrepreneurs, his career has also been known to foreign countries.

Tjandra Limanjaya is a businessman who has an active role in the investment world. It was thus answering the news that voiced oblique about him, because many media preferred to write bad news about Entrepreneur Tjandra Limanjaya.

Who is TJANDRA LIMANJAYA’s business colleague?

As an investor and businessman whose name is considered, Tjandra Limanjaya also has relations with various investors, both domestic and foreign.

It is known, investing in eastern Indonesia is one alternative investment investment undertaken by an investor Tjandra Limanjaya. With this, everything related to the Eastern business world, he understood.

There is news that he is also cooperating with foreign parties – even though there are a lot of people working with him. Become an entrepreneur who understands what investment means and understands the direction that will take.

The Limanjaya family is a successful businessman. He and his partner have a good investment in Eastern Indonesia. With this also confirmed that the question of who he was almost answered. He is a businessman who has brilliant ideas and is able to work with others.