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Disaster Reconstruction Fund Buleleng Reaches 15 M

BPBD make sure although the funds donated much of the value of the submission, the reconstruction of infrastructure damaged by the disaster it can run optimally.  Grant priority to build the embankment of the River in three villages, paving roads and building bridges between villages.

After waiting long enough, the repair and reconstruction of facilities and public facilities damaged by the disastrous flooding earlier in the year 2016 and then, will be performed this year. Through infrastructure improvements proposals impact the proposed disaster disaster relief Agency area (BPBD) of Buleleng, approved by the Ministry of Finance of the State of Rp 15 billion grant fund-shaped.

Implementing BPBD head of Buleleng, Made Fertile describes the amount approved after a proposal submitted to the National disaster mitigation Agency (BNPB) two years ago. Actually from the disastrous flooding that occurred in January 2016 and then the devastated Village, Musi Banyu POH and Penyabangan sub-district, Buleleng Gerokgak filed a total of catastrophes of Rp 46 billion.

Of the amount approved in the process of rebuilding public facilities affected the disaster according to the priority on the fertile zone leading edge, near the settlement of citizens and impact to the community or whether if there is damage to revert. Grants a dozen billion were Fertile ditekakan will be prioritized to build the embankment of the River in three villages, paving roads and building bridges between villages. So with the rebuilding of infrastructure that can facilitate access to the community’s economy from the impact of the deluge 2016.

It’s value accumulates from the severity of the damage to public facilities that had caused the local people can not move some day. Like levees, bridges, roads, the House banned citizens drifting and flat land, destruction of the temple, a network of clean water to the dam. It’s just that moment verification team BNPB check directly into the field, the value of approved amounting to Rp 15 billion.

So far according to him, the process of construction of inftrastruktur it already entered the stage of determination of the winner of the tender. It also claims to be reported soon will the rest of the angaran to be applied in the new package. “This budget is All right should be discharged, so that if there are leftovers, we report first to the BNPB asked for directions to work on the new package,” he imbuh. It’s just the rest of tenders the funds reserved only for improvements in the three affected villages of flash flooding.