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European countries are ready to invest in the KEK Singosari?

Again, the area of Indonesia has a special economic area such as KEK Mandalika. This is one of progress in the Government’s existing jokowi moment. Become a place set apart is one of the perks that will occur at the time of the reign of Jokowi.

There are many countries that began to turn Indonesia from the tourism sector. Surely this into one good news for Indonesia because entrepreneurs can collaborate with outside employers. There are a lot of famous Indonesia investors in the region outside of Indonesia. Like the original investment businessman sealah Indonesia within this website.

European countries understand right about this issue. Investassi in the tourism sector into one that is very promising. There are many who look to this. There will be banayak which will bring them into bags of money. The tourism sector investment becomes one of the alternative effort.

As an entrepreneur is certainly the investment into one grip. Because with investment entrepreneurs are free to be creative. As a security investment is pengeetahuan of entrepreneurs. With the investassi employers can do a lot of things.

Then how about kek singosari? KEK singosari for now there were about 15 people where there are some people coming from European countries. This became the snagat seductive, this investment will return with a passionate.

KEK singosari be purposes other than KEK Mandalika, surely many people beyond tone aka who invest in the region. Make a special economic area becomes.

Employers will surely see this investment in the future. There will be many who do. The foreigners who like Indonesia and has a lot of funding going to make more beautiful mandalika KEK again.

Places such as kek mandalika became one of those places that can be used as a reference, make a comfortable and iunvestor will get everything diingonkan. Before the violence there as well like tourist mandalika halal in Lombok. Cooperation is conducted with people from the region of the Middle East.

Europe is one place which contains a lot of money. The investment will come in the area of Indonesia is not a loss as this will make a lot of bags, bags in the future.