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The Banking Channel Credit For The Business Sectors Of Tourism

The Government of Indonesia currently developing tourism destinations 10 priorities and 88 National Tourism strategic areas for the banking industry that took out loans to tourism business sector.

It is said by the financial services authority (OJK) over the Government’s plans increase the contribution of tourism business against gross domestic product (GDP). Chief Commissioner OJK Wimboh Santoso, said the banking industry have to extend credit to the tourism business sector. The development of tourism does not only include infrastructure projects, promotion to the international development of the small business community.

The Government’s strategy that finally open up opportunities for business tourism to micro small medium (SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES) in the field of business tourism. Aim, get the people’s business credit facilities (KUR) through the revision of the regulations of the KUR. There are 13 SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES sector in the tourism sector in the field of business tourism entitled to facilities of KUR condition must exist in the location of tourist destinations.

Great interest given KUR in the sector tourism business just like any other sector amounted to 7%. While the magnitude of KUR to Rp25 million of micro and small ones on top at Rp500 million to Rp25 million.

“For the interest subsidies paid to the bank for 10.5% of micro KUR without collateral and KUR of 5.5% with little collateral,” he said.

Deputy field of Finance Ministry of cooperatives and SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES Yuana Sutyowati said the Government was also doing mentoring to enhance the capacity of businesses in the tourism sector.

“In the Lake Toba and Mandalika there is an integrated service center of Government. We provide escort, 330 in the tourism sector there is 20 to 35 people channeling credit as an escort, “he said.

Bank Central Asia (BCA), for example, to June 2018, noted it has been funneling loans to business tourism sector amounted to Rp 15 trillion. Jan Hendra, Corporate Secretary BCA said, channeling credit this tourism sector increased by 6% in year on year (yoy).

While the Bank BNI credit growth target tourism could reach double digits, i.e. between 10% to 12% until the end of the year. Although the composition of the distribution of credit to a small sector of the tourism business is still below 5%, 3.2% increase from composition in 2016 be 3.6% of total Bank BNI’s credit channeling in throughout the year 2017.